This year we will have a full round dedicated to very exciting workshops! The workshop will take place from 11:45-12:30. During the registration in the morning (9:00-9:30) you will have the opportunity to sign up for your favorite workshop. You will get a ticket which will give you access to the workshop.  So be on time,  since FULL=FULL. Underneath you will find an overview of the workshops given:

Pharmaceutical Industry

Are you exploring your career opportunities as a biomedical student? Would you like to know more about science based business opportunities? In this workshop we will discuss about the pharmaceutical industry, a place where diverse aspects come together such as drug discovery, clinical trials, product development, legislation, marketing and health care.

Irini Kreulen


Creating your own scientific app

Do you want to know how to create a product like an app or a poster to convey scientific information? In this workshop we will show you how to do this! For our final project of the communication course, we've created an app to teach people about the physics formulas which can be found on walls all around Leiden. We will explain you how we did this and then you can try for yourselves! In groups, you will start thinking about a communication problem and how to transfer knowledge in the best way possible. If you want to be creative and learn more about product development, sign up for this workshop!

Lotte Koemans & Mandy Meijer

Studying both Biomedical Sciences and Medicines? It is possible!

Are you considering applying for the combined Master of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences ('dubbeltraject/zij-instroom Geneeskunde)? This workshop is aimed towards giving you some hands-on experience in Medicine through interactive medical cases that are presented by final-year students of the 'dubbeltraject'. Furthermore, this workshop will discuss the application and planning of a combined track of the Master Medicine and Biomedical Sciences as well as providing you with the opportunity to ask questions to students with first-hand experience.

Tom Harryvan

Studying abroad? How to organize your educational adventure abroad

You are interested in studying abroad: a good choice! But what are the opportunities? Internship or courses? Bachelor or Master? Which scholarships can you get? Learn about the ins and outs of (the organization of) studying abroad in this workshop.

Elsa Kuijper & Sandra de Haan

Bones, bones, bones!

Is Bones your favorite show on TV? Do you want to learn how to determine of the sex and age of human skeletal remains? This workshop will give you a quick introduction to the fascinating world of physical anthropology. And no workshop is complete without some original samples to directly apply your new-found knowledge!

Lisa Pagan

Marketing the world's most famous energy drink: Red Bull, the anti-brand

During this interactive workshop, we will discuss the famous marketing case: ‘Red Bull the anti-brand.’ Founder Dietrich Mateschitz created a highly profitable drink within the energy-drink industry. This case is provided by the marketing course of the Science Based Business track. Additionally, this workshop will provide more info about the Science Based Business program of Leiden University.

Marleen Gerretsen & Iris Jansen


Do’s and don’t for writing scientific news

Do you like to explain biomedical stuff in simple language to your friends and family? Do you want to get rid of news like ‘one glass of alcohol shortens your life with 30 minutes’? In this workshop you will be introduced to the basics of science communication. You will learn about the do’s and don’ts of writing a scientific news item and how to translate scientific info for the general public.

Astrid Dunweg

I want to study abroad! What next?!

A common occurrence; you want to follow a course/minor or do your internship abroad, but you don't know where to start. You look up some information on blackboard, but still can't get a good handle on what options you have or on what steps you have to take. Now what? Well now you come to this workshop of course! During this workshop you will be provided a detailed overview of what your options are, what steps you have to undertake and minor (but still important) details that you could easily miss by someone who has been through the same process himself. With a boatload of information, anecdotes from experience and room for any questions you may have, you are bound to leave with solid handle on your next steps.

Dennis Gout