Panel members

We are happy to announce our panel members of this year; Prof. dr. Andrea Evers,  dr. Mei wang, Jurriaan Strous and our moderator Harry Vrieling!

Prof. dr. Andrea Evers


Andrea Evers is Professor of Health Psychology and chair of the Health, Medical and Neuropsychology Unit at Leiden. Her research group conducts both fundamental research on the psychoneurobiology of placebo and stress mechanism and translational research on screening and self-management or cognitive behavioural interventions for healthy populations and chronic somatic conditions. 





Dr. Mei Wang


Dr. Mei wang is the director and co-founder of SU BioMedicine BV, a daugther company of TNO that focusses on systems biology and herbal medicine. She is associate professor of plant molecular biology at Leiden University and member of the European Pharmacopoeia TCM working party. Her main research field is herbal medicine and systems biology. 



Jurriaan Strous


Jurriaan Strous is in training for a psychiatrist at the Academisch Medisch Centrum te Amsterdam. He is investigating the application of ketamine in the psychiatry, and is especially focussed on suicidality.